Gluten Free Paleo Diet
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公開日: 2013/01/24 Picture of me when I was 2months into the Paleo/Primal diet vs 5months into the paleo diet. The diet that works! There is a lot of weight loss on my hips and tummy. In this vid I basically go through my story, the weird symptoms I was getting from stress and generally feeling run down and how I got into this way of eating. I originally just started by primalizing my breakfast then a few months later I did lunch. And finally, I did snacks and dinner. Subscribe for recipes and more paleo weight loss transformation 101 stuff!
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公開日: 2013/08/25

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The paleo foods way of eating is the healthiest, easiest and most effective way to loose weight. Paleo foods keep weight off for life and also make you healthier overall. Paleo foods choices are some of the most important life choices you will make, so get excited and get started!! Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding experience that leaves you with the least amount of time to exercise or eat right when you have to think too hard, so by choosing the Paleo foods lifestyle you will exceed your goals while being healthier and more energized. This system is for everyone young, old, mid-aged or just burned out, take a chance and shake up your life, you will see results so fast you won't believe it.
Give it a try if you have tried all the diets below why not try this one that makes sense!!
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    GMO不使用の嘘 輸入大豆やトウモロコシは悪名高いラウンドアップレディー
    要注意物質MSGグルタミン酸ナトリウムは 味の素の物質名
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    賢者は常識を妄信しない1⃣ 若年性乳癌増加の原因
    賢者は常識を妄信しない3⃣ 本当は体に悪い8食品
    FDA NEWS RELEASE August 2, 2013
    極秘起訴10/30/17 through 9/30/18
    2015年の癌患者数予測 トップは大腸ガン
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