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Trump knew Bombs were used in WTC 


朝鮮戦争の終結、米ソ対立の終結、プーチン大統領と トランプ大統領の活躍で世界が大きく変わろうとしている。国民をほったらかして、金、金、金の陳腐な拝金政治家ばかりを見せられているので、この稀有の2人の政治家らしい政治家は大いに愉快である。トランプ大統領はプーチン大統領が大好きだそうだ。わかるわかる。2人の出会いも天の配剤であろう。すでに戦争屋の一味と化した日本のマスコミは一切報じないが、欧米では、戦争屋の殲滅されるⅩデーに国民の関心が集まっている。大きな関心の1つが911は誰の仕業かということだが、不動産王でもあるトランプ氏は重大な発言をしている。某インタビューで建物の専門家として質問されたトランプは次のように明言した。
How could a plane, even a 767or 747 or whatever it might be. How could it possibly go through the steel? I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bomb, bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall.

Trump saw on 9/11/2001:

Bombs were used in WTC

Donald Trump knew the same day that bombs must have been used on WTC tower on 9/11/2001.

I: Donald you’re probably the best-known builder particularly of great buildings in the city. There’s a great deal of question about whether or the damage and the ultimate destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes, by architectural defect or possibly by bombs, or after shocks. Do you have any thoughts on that?

T: It wasn’t architectural defect.  The WTC was always known as a very, very strong building. Don’t forget that building took a big bomb in the basement. Now the basement is the most vulnerable place, because that is your foundation and it withstood that and I got to see that area about 3 or 4 days after it took place because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour, because he did the building. And I said “I can’t believe it.” The building was standing solid, and half of the columns were blown out. This was an unbelievably powerful building. If you know anything about structure, it was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside the steel. The reason the WTC had such narrow windows is that in between all the windows you had the steel on the outside. You had steel on the outside of the building. That why when I first looked at it. You had big, heavy I-beams. When I first looked at it, I couldn’t believe it because there was a hole in the steel. And this was steel that was…you remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center, folks I think that you know, if you were ever up there, they were quite narrow and in between was this heavy steel. I said: How could a plane, even a 767or 747 or whatever it might be. How could it possibly go through the steel? I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bomb, bombs that exploded almost simultaneously, because I can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall. Most buildings are built with the steel is on the inside around the elevator shafts. This one was built from the outside which is the storongest structure you can have. And it was almost just like a can of soup.

I: You know, Donald…We were looking at pictures all morning long of the plane coming into building. And when you see that approach the far side, then all of a sudden within another milliseconds the explosion pops out the other side.

T: Right. I just think that there was a plane with more than just fuel. Obviously they were very big planes. They were going very rapidly. Because, I was also watching where the plane seems to be not only going fast, it seemed to be coming down into the building. So it was getting the speed from going down a hill, so to speak. It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction, is even more than a big plane. Because you are talking about taking out steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on the building. These buildings were rock solid. And, it’s just an amazing thing. This country is different today, and it is going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.

I: Very profound statement, and very true.


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