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The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary)  
Want to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch our intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as we expose the real science behind the food we eat.
What we eat can change our lives. How to Be Healthy follows nine fast- food junkies to an enclosure at a British zoo as they crunch their way through half a ton of raw fruits and vegetables in just 12 days. Join two truckers who have to swallow an unusual pill to get their internal traffic jams moving. Learn how the bacteria in the gut also enjoy our food, and how it can lead to windy side effects.
  Karla Diaz       
"no it's the carbs! "no it's the sugar" no it's the fats" Jesus this comment section is full of crap.  Lol actually it's nothing,  everything is good for you as long as it's not refined, we are omnivorous, we can survive on almost anything that we lay hands on,  and nothing is bad for us as long as it is on its natural state,  go eat grilled chicken  its great!  Eat bolied potatos!  That's awesome!  But when you drawn your potatos on oil,  or when instead of meat you have mc Donald's nuggets (I doubt there is more than 5%of real meat there anyway) there is where the problem really is. Our body is awesome,  through the Krebs cycle we turn anything we eat, either protein, fat or carbs into as much glucose as we need,  the rest is turned into fats and stored for later,  so doesn't matter if you eat a potato or a chicken wing,  your body will turn into the shit YOU need, maybe into protein for muscle,  or glucose to feed the brain, or fat if you eat too much. The key is to eat only as much as you need and only whole natural foods,  try and do that and see how you will be in the best shape and health of your life

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